Va'eira: A Large Inheritance

Well before moving here, somebody put out a very funny piece explaining how to achieve world peace.  It was titled “Nuke the Moon” (really worth the read).  His premise was that bullies only pick on the weak.  They never touch the crazy guy in the corner.  Therefore, the United States needs to look like they’re crazy.  They have enough "nukes" that are sitting around collecting dust, so it’s about time they get put to use.


He suggested firing an ICBM at France and at the last minute, self-detonate it.  Two minutes later, the President would call the leader of France and say something like, “Hey!  We lost track of one of our ICBMs.  Have you seen it?”  Shortly after that, the United States should nuke one of its own national forests, and when a stunned world stares at the US wondering why we would do such a thing, we would shrug our shoulders and say, “We heard there was a drug dealer in there.”  Obviously, things get built up until we finally nuke the moon and the world thinks we are so off our rockers, they will stop at nothing to please us.


Welcome, Trump!


I said to my wife after his election, for good or for bad, most likely a lot of both, this will be one VERY entertaining four years.  Not only did he cancel Obama’s last minute money delivery to the Palestinians to kill more Jews, I was told he's planning on slashing the US payments to the United Nations by at least forty percent!


I heard the media hates him.  Along with half the country.  Along with all of Hollywood. Along with all of Europe.  I guess it’s a sign he’s doing good things.  So far in Israel, he’s a breath of fresh air.


In this week’s parsha Hashem tells Moshe to tell the Jewish people that He will give them Eretz Yisroel as an inheritance from their forefathers (Shemos 6:8).  Rav Meir M’Rottenberg points out that the word for inheritance, morashah, is used only twice in the Torah.  First, in this week’s parsha regarding Eretz Yisroel and the second near the end, regarding the Torah being an inheritance.


He explains that the inheritance of Torah is different from that of Eretz Yisroel.  In Eretz Yisroel, every person has his equal share.  However, the Torah is not so.  It is open for ALL to take.  However, how much of this inheritance he receives is dependent on how hard he works to receive it.


If a person is a Torah scholar, there is no promise that his son will be.  If a person’s father is not a Torah scholar, it has no bearing on whether or not he can be.


Each man and woman can take as much as they want from this inheritance . . . as long as they work hard to get it.


Have a great Shabbos!

Michael Winner