Pesach: Dayeinu!

I sent my oldest daughter to the store to buy a few beets.  She came home with eggplant.


Mental note:  When asking Israeli children to buy things, speak to them in Hebrew.


Right after Dayeinu, the Haggadah goes over all the levels one more time and ends with thanking Hashem for building the Beis HaMikdash in order to atone for our sins.  The Malbim asks, why do we need to mention “in order to atone for our sins”?  We’re at the Pesach Seder, we’re not discussing sin, nor is it really the most appropriate time to bring it up!


He answers his own question with the following:  In Dayeinu, we are thanking Hashem for individual things that He has given to us, each one greater than the other.  Had He given us Level 1, it would have been worthy of great thanks.  But, not only did He give us Level 1, He also gave us Level 2!  How much more so should we be thankful!  Not only did He give us Level 2, but He ALSO gave us Level 3!!!...  This continues until the building of the Beis HaMikdash.


The Malbim explains that the more and more that Hashem chooses to give us, the more we are obligated to be thankful for such things. This is after all, one of the major points of Pesach night, to show gratitude for what Hashem did for us.  However, if we fail to show proper gratitude, we are, in an essence, taking a gift from Hashem without any recognition and this is in itself a sin.  Therefore, the last stage is the Beis Hamikdash which was built to help atone for our sins.  Perhaps, we have not been careful to recognize the good that He gave us, and therefore, we need to rectify that particular blemish.


May we use this year’s Pesach night appropriately and finish it with true feelings of thanks and gratitude that Hashem not only did for our forefathers, but for us as well.


Have a great Shabbos and Pesach!